The world loves Hu2, and we love you! We've included some of our recent media features below, and we want to say a big thank-you to everyone who has supported us and featured us on our journey. 

Spoiler: We've been featured in some of the world's biggest international media publications.

What They Think

  • Do you want to inject your house with a small touch of wild creativity without ignoring your eco-friendly conscience? Then Hu2 has something you need!

    Eco Directory

  • The sculptural 3D designs of Respectful Animal Trophies are lovingly crafted to capture yet preserve the living essence of the nature they represent.

    Luxuria Lifestyle

  • A decor dream for the savvy style-maven.

    Zink Magazine

  • The coolest way to personalise your stuff!

    Stuff Magazine

  • Awesome phrases to live by!

    Ted Active

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