The motto of Italian artist and designer Andrea Minini is “capturing complexity through simplicity”. Based in Novara, Andrea’s skilful and minimalist-to-the-max art is easily recognised by his unique, elegant moiré-pattern designs.

The artist has made a name for himself in the world of art prints through these clever creations which the team at the Hu2 quarters has admired for a while, and we’re very proud to be working with him on a new collection. His first range for Hu2 is inspired by creatures who sail high above our heads, and consist of the 3D Albatross, Cranes and Eagle wall signs.


Drawing from a young age, Andrea knew early on that he would work as a graphic designer when entering the professional world. His interest in art and creative talent have driven him to experiment with geometric patterns, perfecting his well-known moiré style.

The goal of Andrea’s designs for Hu2 is to capture the essence of each animal, while following his personal aesthetic. “For me, removing excess detail while still managing to craft complex and interesting pieces, is the most motivating and enjoyable part of creating – capturing the core of the animal, yet maintaining a minimalist and sophisticated design.” Andrea manages to do just that; his bold art allows for the observer to view each piece through his exceptional artistic lens.