Long-time friends of the Hu2 team, designers Antonio Mura and Richard Kopman share our philosophy of making the world a better place through environmentally conscious design.

The creative duo’s first collection Grounded features three bird-themed illustrations: the Flamingo, Dancing Cranes and Penguin Family. With clever use of negative space, their minimalist silhouette designs capture each animal in its particular disposition.


Antonio Mura is a young Italian artist based in London. With a background in product design, Antonio’s style is characterised by refined simplicity, clear lines, and his trademark part-silhouetting.

Fascinated by natural shapes and determined to find patterns within them, Antonio began sketching animal designs a few years back. “With my art I want to capture nature’s unmatched genius in ways that spark enthusiasm. By featuring distinctive wild animals from different corners of our beautiful world, I hope my designs inspire people to be more mindful about nature and the environment.”